Schandolph's Snow Day

So one of my many goals for 2018 is to start blogging, what a more perfect time than to start with our snow day.  

I was excited. Ok, well, maybe excited is an understatement! I love snow, and I have been praying and doing daily snow dances for the last month. Well, central GA FINALLY got it's turn at a snow chance. It happens rarely. Like maybe once every 3-5 years. And when it does come, I try to make the best of it....even if my family thinks I am a tad bit insane. 

Wednesday morning, school was canceled and I just had a feeling that when the schools canceled it would mean we wouldn't get anything. I woke up around 5:30 that morning, like a kid on Christmas Eve, looked out the window and shouted with excitement. It looked like a winter wonderland from what I could see in the dark. I turned on all the lights, and began doing my hair and makeup for pictures.  It's a photographer thing, especially in the south! When there is a mention for snow, every photographer jumps with joy that they'll get to shoot a adorable family in the snow.  Well, we live in the country, and I just knew our roads would be bad, so I knew that it meant I would be getting my tripod out and praying for the best....

My husband awoke and told me I was crazy. That it was simply too cold to go outside.  Well, with a little bit of pouting, I got my way. We left the little ones inside, because the wind chill was 4 degrees. Even in tons of layers, we worried about hyperthermia, as we don't see those temps around here. 


"I seriously can't believe I let you talk me into this when it is 4 degrees out here"

We are finished now right....

Almost babe! 

So, after all of my husbands complaining about being in the snow, once we finished with our pictures, instead of coming inside to warm up, him and the big boy went out to ride on the 4 wheeler. 

And then we took the littles out! 

And naturally, Hudson, was not happy when I told him it was time to go in and warm up. 

Nothing like a cup of hot chocolate to warm you up after a frigid snow day and took naps

And worked on our potty training